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   BNM products have wide applications in the field of aerospace, electronics, pigment, catalyst industry and other potential emerging markets, and BNM devotes to serve the area of new material, new energy and environmental protection.
Field Product


New Materia Vanadium oxide Vanadium has the property of high strength and heat resistant; As enhancer and stabilizer of titanium alloy, vanadium oxides can be used in vanadium-aluminum master alloys, in order to produce titanium alloy which has significant application for producing critical components for aerospace craft.
Environmental Protection

Vanadium compound


Vanadium compounds can be used as catalyst, which can effectively reduce nitric oxide content in exhaust gas, and protect our environment from being polluted.
New Energy Vanadium electrolyte Vanadium electrolyte is one of the essential materials for VRB energy storage system which can be widely used for solar and wind power plant and electric power grid peak management.
Others   Glaze for ceramics, vitamin/mineral supplements, phosphor and glass materials.

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